Lady-in-Waiting by Kathryn Hamann is now available.

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Where Shadows Go by Kathryn Hamann (with artwork by Leonard O'Brien and various other artists) is now available.

Where Shadows Go


Cat – At Work by Conrad Hamann (with poetry by Kathryn Hamann) is now available.

Cat - At Work


Sentenced to Transportation

With cartoons by Penne Gilles, with poetry by Kathryn Hamann, this book was unleashed upon the unsuspecting populace in July 2012.

108 pp.

How to get around Melbourne. Or not. With coffee.

A book celebrating and lamenting that wondrous beast known as the Melbourne Public Transport System!

Sentenced to Transportation

2012, Mono Unlimited


A Slight Fuzzing of Perspective (2nd edition)

For more details about Leonard O'Brien's photographs (1st edition), click here.

For more details about Leonard O'Brien's photographs (2nd edition), click here.

Joint winner with Andrew Lansdown of the Poetry Section of the Caleb Award 2011 (Omega Writers Inc).

80 pp.

This glorious combination of photography by Len O'Brien, artwork by Conrad Hamann and paintings by Sue Watson meets the inimitable style of Kathryn's poetry to create a coffee table book that continually dazzles and delights.

A Slight Fuzzing of Perspective

2011, Mono Unlimited


A Poor Canticle

A Poor Canticle

2009, ShardLight Publications

44 pp.

Kathryn offers these poems, some old, some new, in thanks for the joy, the inspiration and the blessing that arises from the vision of St Francis and Clare of Assisi.

Click here to read a review of A Poor Canticle by Bet Green from The Australian eJournal of Theology.

The Threshold of Silence

Threshold of Silence

2008, ShardLight Publications

186 pp.

'We are graced by a poet's inner grappling with the world of polarity. We are stirred by a prophetic voice defiantly unafraid to breathe justice and freedom into constrained and rigid patterns of thought.' (Marlene Marburgh)

A copy of Peter Steele SJ's launch speech can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Saint Moon

Saint Moon

2007, Sidewalk Books

‘This is writing with a purpose.  Weighty in subject but never weighed down by it. The brilliance… lies in its view that life, though never wholly comprehensible or always just, is spellbinding… Hamann's spiritual relationship with the world is never far away.’ (Patricia Prime, Stylus Poetry Journal)

An Embraee of Morning

An Embrace of Morning

2005, Poetica Christi Press

In this truthful and nuanced collection of poems Kathryn reflects on light and shade and ponders how even in the cold desert parts of life, one can be surprised by the three-part harmony of sheer silence.


2001, Autism Victoria

Out of print

'Pelargoniums is more than a story. It's about love, life and limitations. You see autism is not a choice. It's not a condition. It's more a way of life, a way of being different, a way that can take some time to work out.' (Wendy Lawson)

Arc of Promise

Arc of Promise

2000, Kinetikon Publishing

Out of print

'This collection of powerful poems unfolds like a verse novel with each poem compelling the reader to read the next. The whole is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.' (Helen Annand)

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